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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unlimited Zune Downloads Review

Unlimited Zune Downloads – Review of Services For Unlimited Zune Downloads

In our research findings, we found dozens of professional services for unlimited Zune downloads. In deciding the top 3 services, we applied the stringent set of selection criteria on each of the site. Each site is evaluated on the pricing, selection and variety of media files, professionalism of customer and tech support, ease of use, download speed, safety and security of site as well as the popular vote. All come with unlimited access with lifetime membership and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Here are the top 3 services.

Top Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

No.1 Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

This site is one of the largest for unlimited Zune downloads. It is easy to search and find the media files we were looking for. Whether it is a music or video file, it did not take us long to find and download it.

They have a huge customer base of over 250 million users and this number speaks well of its service. Even though there are more than 5 million users downloading at any point in the day, it is able to handle the traffic without compromising on its downloading speed. You do not have to worry that you have to queue or wait long.

The service is available 24/7 and whether you want to download a new song at midnight or past 3am, you can do so. The membership comes with a software bundle that includes software for file conversion, ripping and burning, and so on. You can easily convert the files such that it is also compatible on your other media players like CD players, home theater or even iPod or phone.


Unlimited Access $34.95 Best value!
2 year Access $1.37/Month Save 50%
1 Year Access $2.49/Month

No.2 Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

No.2 Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

We find it quite challenging to decide which deserves to be crowned as the top service between Unlimited Zune Downloads and iZune Access. They are almost equally matched in all aspects. However, because iZune Access enjoys a higher popular vote, we decided that Unlimited Zune Downloads should be No.2 instead.

They have well over 1 million media files – music, songs, videos, games, software, movies and more. This service works fast and we found it really a breeze using their client download software. It is also secured and free from viruses and malware.

We can easily find our desired movie titles. Surprisingly, the downloading is quick and we particularly like their video tutorials. This makes it very clear and easy for users to use their service.

The 24/7 customer and technical support is professional and friendly also. In case you are thinking if you can use them if you are on a MAC, the answer is yes. The service is AOL compatible and works fine on a MAC or PC.

You will find that they offer 3 price points.

Lifetime access - $39.95 – The Ultimate Plan!
2 year access - $1.45/month
1 year access - $2.50/month

No.3 Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

No.3 Site For Unlimited Zune Downloads

Zune Video Pro is a service that is commendable. We found it to be extremely popular among sports fans. That is not without a reason really. The service is strong in the area of sports media and comes with videos and games in sports arena such as basketball, racing, football, golfing and so on. That said, we want to qualify that they are also found to be equally good in providing other media types.

We found tons of movies, songs, cartoons and music videos in the library. Downloading is smooth and we hardly face any difficulty trying to search and find our desired files.


Lifetime membership is $39.95

They only offer the lifetime membership. Well, we can only guess that they are pretty convicted that the lifetime option is the most affordable and worthwhile deal.

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Unlimited Zune Downloads Selection Checklist

In selecting an ideal site for unlimited Zune downloads, it can be challenging if you go searching without an idea of what to look out for. There are hundreds of sites out there that offer paid memberships or pay per download. Surely it is helpful if you have a selection checklist to assist you. So here they are.

1. Pricing

We like to mention this since every site charges you differently. Some charge per download which normally is about $0.99. Others charge per month which can be $9.99 to $29.99 per month and you get a limited number of downloads such as 30 to 50 songs. The cheapest and most reasonable will be the paid membership services with a lifetime membership option. Generally, you get your lifetime unlimited access pass for less than $49.99.

2. Variety and Size Of Zune Media Library

We want to make sure that we get all kinds of media be it music, songs, movies, TV shows or games. Some even offer audio books and pod casts. Others have wall papers and so on. One important factor is the number of media files they have. Be sure to compare.

3. Download Speed

This is especially critical if you are a movie fan. Movie files are large and you surely do not want to spend hours upon hours to download. Some are speedsters and allow you to ramp up the speed to at least 200 to 300 times the normal rate.

4. Ease Of Use Of Download Interface

There are some really cool and professional download platforms around. They tend to be easy to navigate. While guides are provided, some are not needed at all since they are easy to use. However, do not overlook this point since we have seen the best and worst platforms.

5. PC Protection

Make sure that the service is a secured site with full PC protection when you download the files for your Zune.

6. 24/7 Customer and Technical Support

While many will boast of providing 24/7 support, there are quite a few that cannot meet this service quality standard. We found that out when we started researching and testing them. However, we also discovered a few services which we are quite impressed with.

7. Positive Review

Read reviews of existing services for unlimited Zune downloads. Professional services are normally given more attention and coverage.

Read a full review of the top 3 services for unlimited Zune downloads in the next post.

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Unlimited Zune Downloads – Free Or Paid

Unlimited Zune Downloads – Why Pay When You Can Get Free and Unlimited Zune Downloads?

This is an interesting issue. Why should you pay when you can get your Zune downloads for free anyway?

Let us try to understand the subject a bit.

You can find free and unlimited Zune downloads at free sites. Normally, you do have to download a client application first in order to access the downloads. The application can be free or you are required to buy it which can be expensive.

There are some complaints users have about using free sites. Firstly, you get countless pop-ups whenever you download your music or whatever file for your Zune.

Secondly, their sites are normally not secured and who knows what kind of viruses and malware are you downloading into your computer.

Thirdly, the slow transfer speeds can really kill you slowly. Their servers get tons of traffic and bandwidth can be tight. If you are sharing bandwidth with millions of other users who are there downloading the exact same file, especially popular ones, then all the best to you!

Well, you still get the unlimited Zune downloads for free. But that is the only pro of using such free sites.

The big question of course is why people are going to the paid services for unlimited Zune downloads? Surely it cannot only be because the free sites are notorious for its shortcomings.

Paid services such as the mainstream sites like Zune Marketplace, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and so on are huge. They have millions of files for download and you can be assured that the level of security and PC protection is high. Moreover, their server resources are high and will not have problem handling any amount of traffic.

The only problem with them is that they charge per download. Surely kids and teens nowadays want a lot more music, songs, music videos and games for their Zune players. And these adolescent will have trouble paying thousands of dollars for that?

Fortunately, this can be easily overcome without the messiness of free sites, and without the high costs of using mainstream services. Recently, there are new paid membership services. These services provide unlimited Zune downloads for a one-off membership fee. Within the membership period which can be 1 year, 2 year or lifetime, you get unlimited access to the entire media library.

Free or Paid? I think you can decide now when you want unlimited Zune downloads for your Zune.

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Unlimited Zune Downloads

Looking for unlimited Zune downloads? It is not a surprise if you are since there are millions of users just like yourself. You will not be disappointed with what you find here.

We will share about what is the difference between free and paid services for unlimited Zune downloads. Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to pay for the music, movies, games, software etc for Zune if they can download them for free? Well, we will answer that question.

When choosing a suitable site to download music, movies, games, software and even TV shows for Zune, there are a couple of factors that are important. You will read about them here.

Finally, we will also show you our findings about the services that provide unlimited Zune downloads. And you will see which are the top 3 most popular and professional unlimited Zune downloads sites.

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